New Home Updates!!!

Hello…its been a week and a half since we said goodbye!  As much as we miss each and every puppy, we LOVE hearing about how they are doing.  I will be taking some “good” pictures of Brooklyn shortly and will post those as well…she is all puppy and a true joyful addition to our HUGE family!  Bentley and Bailey are doing great and Brooklyn is growing so fast- it is incredible to think that she is only 8 weeks!!!!!

Also, we will be having a waiting list for a future litter (no idea when) so please let us know if you have plans for another puppy or know of a great Golden Home!

Brooklyn…she is getting darker and is HUGE!!!!
Adam, Aiden and Brooklyn….she has stolen all of our hearts!
Ellie…beautiful and looking very much like Bailey!!


Murphy and Marley get to have lots of playtime together since they went to two related families!
Remus getting so much love!!!!



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