From the bottom of our hearts.  We loved meeting each and every one of you and feel really good about our choices in choosing the best homes for our adored puppies.  We appreciate you all letting us take and post your pictures.  (We understand that some of these pictures are missing a spouse, so you are in our thoughts and we are sorry we weren’t able to meet you in person.)  Please email us puppy updates and pictures and we will post those as well. Thank you so much and please give your puppy an extra kiss from all of us tonight!  We will post some pictures of Brooklyn, Bailey and Bentley in a few days!

Archie with his new family!
Ellie with her new family!
Bob with his new family!
Moose with his new family!
Marley with her new family!
Murphy with his new family!
Shaggy with his new family!
Remus with his new family!

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