Puppy Fun!

We decided that it would be fun to take pictures of the puppies with the kiddos (6 out of 7 of the kiddos anyway…).  This turned out to be so much fun we just had to share….  Also if you have named your puppy please let us know and we will start using your name and post it on here as well.  We are keeping the yellow collar puppy and we have named her Brooklyn!IMG_6045IMG_6063IMG_6082 (2)IMG_6077IMG_6021


10 thoughts on “Puppy Fun!”

  1. Soo cute!!! They are getting so big ❤ Brown collar pup is named Bob…I can't tell which one is which in these photos but all the cuteness!!!


  2. That looks like fun! The puppies and kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have beige collar pup and we are naming her Ellie!


  3. Wow they are getting so big! They are all so adorable. Thanks for sharing! Our green guy is named Murphy. We can’t wait to bring him home !!


  4. They are all super cute….the dark blue collared boy pup is named Archie. Thank you for taking such good care of them….


  5. This is so cute! The kids and the puppies! We are naming our red collar puppy Shaggy (we already have a Scooby). We can’t wait to bring him home.


  6. What a great idea for the photos. The kids & pups are so darn cute! We are purple collars new parents and are naming her Marley…we have a Layla (Eric Clapton song) and a Floyd ( from Pink Floyd) so our Marley fits right in with the music theme!! Thanks for doing such a great job with the babies!!!


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