Puppy Updates 3/12/2017

So here are some exciting updates…

  1. All of our puppies found amazing families who cannot wait to bring them home!
  2. The puppy weaning process has begun…
  3. The puppies are more playful than ever and growing like weeds!!!
  4. We have our vet appointment for the puppies health checks and first shots set for the last week of this month- scheduled and confirmed!
  5. The puppies have begun showing real interest in toys!

I will be posting more pictures tomorrow…all of the new families would like to watch their puppies grow as they wait for their “Gotcha Day!”  I will also be listing the brands of food and types of toys we are using and recommend their “favorites” so you can get their new home ready.

2 thoughts on “Puppy Updates 3/12/2017”

  1. Yay…We are so excited for brown collar (aka Bob) to come home with us:) Thank you for such a wonderful new family member ❤


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